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风量:450 ~ 170000m3/h





- 机翼型叶片,紊流少,效率高;

- 最高效率高达86%;

- G2.5平衡等级;

- 长寿命设计,整机寿命10年以上;

- 免维护结构;

- 风量风压范围大,叶片角度可调,满足多种工况。









- 让高效的水处理解决方案为您的业务带来优化 


(Arcadia, USA)


We will think carefully about buildings and create thinking buildings


Arcadia commercial building services (CBS) relies on the concept of in-depth thinking of buildings. Our mission is to constantly think about and re-examine the building, so as to help customers to solve the big and small challenges. Therefore, we need to provide consulting engineers around the world with tools that can make their work faster and easier. Every day, consulting engineers can easily access our network tools and blueprint to obtain product priority information and pump related knowledge.




Be ready for the challenges of the future


The commercial construction industry is facing a series of challenges that will redefine the way we think about architecture in the next few years.  


At the macro level, global climate change calls on all of us to take action to change the current situation. This means that buildings must adhere to strict sustainable development standards to maintain low energy consumption and high flexibility. At the micro level, consulting engineers are faced with the problem of many projects and insufficient supervision time. Therefore, it is very important to get correct information quickly and conveniently.


Excellent partner when thinking about buildings


Thinking about architecture also means that we see ourselves not only as suppliers of pumps, but also as partners in creating successful buildings. At the same time, it also means that we try to create buildings with in-depth pump and system knowledge as well as excellent intelligent pumps.


Acadia and water treatment


-Optimize your business with efficient water treatment solutions




If you are looking for highly reliable water treatment solutions in the market, Arcadia's expertise can meet every expectation. As a complete production line supplier, we cover the whole water cycle process from supply, treatment and distribution, and ensure that the exact water quality required can be obtained at each step.


Arcadia's water treatment solutions are customized to optimize complex and demanding industrial processes, and Arcadia's professional support is always at your side. This ensures that you and your customers have easy access to local language expertise and technical support.











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